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For Use in Phase I Drug Metabolism Studies In Vitro

CYP450-GP provides superior quality research products for in vitro studies of the metabolism of new chemical entities (NCE) and other xenobiotics. Our specific inhibitory P450 antibodies are powerful tools for use in metabolic phenotyping investigations and, in fact, have properties preferable to chemical inhibitors for such studies.  Our purified human P450 enzymes and other monooxygenase components (e.g., oxidoreductase and cytochrome b5) can be employed, upon reconstitution, to substantiate the metabolic findings made with native liver microsomes or supersomes, to derive kinetic parameters (KM and VMAX) underlying NCE catalysis and to reveal whether a given therapeutic elicits drug-drug interactions via P450 inhibition.







CYP450-GP began operations in 2013, and focuses primarily on the production and distribution of specific inhibitory antibodies to human CYP450 enzymes as well as the corresponding purified native and recombinant P450 immunogens. Prior to our founding, we had been acutely aware of the lack of specific probes to accurately distinguish P450 enzyme catalysts in liver microsomes, and devoted extensive research efforts over the previous 15 or so years into developing such probes. In fact, you may have already utilized our human P450 antibodies if these reagents were purchased from companies such as Research Diagnostics Inc., Fitzgerald Industries International or Abcam. After subsequently branching out on our own, we now provide these same antibodies and purified P450 enzymes and other microsomal enzymes directly as a tool set for studying the metabolism of established drugs and NMEs in vitro.

CYP450-GP’s monospecific, inhibitory P450 antibodies are robust probes for use in P450 metabolism phenotyping experiments and are, in fact, are interchangeable with chemical inhibitors according to the FDA and EMA guideline. We now offer a kit (CYP Immunoinhibition Kit®) comprised of antibodies to the six most common P450 drug-metabolizing enzymes to enable the researcher to easily and accurately identify the P450(s) underlying oxidative metabolism of a given NME or other xenobiotic. Our purified P450 monoxgenase enzymes can, upon reconstitution, be utilized to substantiate the data obtained with the cognate antibodies and intact liver microsomes.



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