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P450 Phenotyping Services

Identification of the P450 enzymes underlying metabolism of a given NCE can be utilized to predict not only that compound’s potential to elicit drug-drug interactions but also the impact of polymorphisms on its metabolism.  CYP450-GP is in a unique position to offer this service because of our available repertoire of monospecific and well-characterized antibodies against drug-metabolizing P450s.  The specificity and inhibitory nature of these antibodies have been established in numerous publications (see Literature section).  CYP450-GP’s P450 antibodies are clearly more specific than chemical inhibitors. The results obtained in metabolic immunoinhibition assays performed with liver microsomes can often be confirmed using either purified native or recombinant (heterologously-expressed) P450 enzymes, although examples exist where this is not the case.  In such instances, the heterologously-expressed and/or purified P450 protein exhibits a catalytic property different from that found when the same enzyme is embedded in liver endoplasmic reticulum.

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