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Purified Proteins for

Drug Metabolism 


CYP450-GP is a provider of purified human P450 enzymes and other microsomal monooxygenase

components, including P450 oxidoreductase and cytochrome b5. These enzymes have been derived

from either human liver tissue or from Sf9 insect cells overexpressing a given CYP cDNA-baculovirus

construct (see product descriptions). The P450s can be employed, upon their reconstitution, to

corroborate metabolic findings made with native liver microsomes or SupersomesTM, to derive the

kinetic parameters (KM and VMAX) underlying substrate catalysis by a specific P450 enzyme(s) and/or to reveal whether a given therapeutic can elicit drug-drug interactions via P450 inhibition. Unlike

SupersomesTM and BactosomesTM, the ratio of purified enzymes (P450:oxidoreductase:b5) comprising the reconstituted system can be easily manipulated to suit the end users needs. Several of the P450 enzymes offerings from CYP450-GP are members of the CYP4 family, and are known to participate in the metabolism of endogenous compounds such as fatty acids (e.g., arachidonic acid), leukotrienes and gamma-tocopherol.

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