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Human P450 Antibodies

CYP450-GP is a localized supplier of specific antibodies to human P450 enzymes.  These premium antibodies recognize only their respective P450 antigens of immunization on Western blots and ELISA PLUS markedly inhibit metabolism catalyzed by their cognate antigens in human liver microsomes.  Since cross-reactivity with heterologous P450s has been mostly eliminated, CYP450-GP antibodies provide a powerful tool for metabolic phenotyping studies (see CYP Immunoinhibition Kit below).  Unequivocal identification of the P450 enzyme(s) underlying hepatic oxidation of your new NCE/lead compound is now possible.


CYP450-GP P450 antibodies have been produced in rabbits and mice using as antigens:

            a) native P450 proteins purified from human liver;

            b) recombinant P450 proteins (6x His-labelled at COOH termini) purified from Sf9 insect cells;

            c) 20-mer peptides derived from the corresponding full-length P450 amino acid sequences.

Nearly all of our P450 antibodies, including those comprising the CYP Immunoinhibition Kit, exhibit monospecificity on conventional Western blots and/or ELISA*, and can thus be utilized for immunoquantitation and immunoinhibition studies.  Our control (preimmune) antibodies have been obtained from sera taken prior to animal immunization.  CYP450-GP antibodies are supplied as purified IgG fractions either as a lyophylized powder or frozen in solution, and should be stored at -20°C until use. Freeze-thaw cycles should be kept to a minimum.  Additional properties are given in the data sheets that accompany the individual products.

*Anti-CYP3A4 IgG (Hu-A005) and anti-CYP1A2 IgG (Hu-A010) are polyspecific in nature, and thus cross-react with other enzymes in the same P450 gene subfamily. For instance, anti-CYP3A4 also recognizes CYP3A5 while anti-CYP1A2 recognizes CYP1A1.

Human Antibodies

# - Component of CYP Immunoinhibit Kit

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